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Saturday, 21 March 2015

There is a hell, believe me i've seen it. There is a heaven, let's keep it a secret.

Some find that the world we live in now a bliss and it's heaven to them. While others suffer and seek death as an option to escape from the living hell they have to go through. For Sayuri, having born with heterochromia iridum but orphaned since 3 was ironically having the best of both world.

She was pretty much liked by her peers due to her disease because they, in a way worship it being very different but also beautiful. With that being said, she is surrounded by many but still feel so lonely.

Every night she lays in bed, over thinking. About everything and anything her mind could grab hold of. Eventually she does fall asleep only to wake up to the dreaded mornings where she mourn for having little to no sleep at all.

One unexpected evening as she was walking back from school, she stumbled upon a box. Inside was a ball of fur. Her eyes open in delight as it was a kitten inside. It was curled up, sleeping soundly. Without hesitation she picked up the box and brought it home.

What surprised her further was the fact that the kitten itself has the same eye condition as her. She instantly fell in love with it even more and name it Cuddles. Cuddles had one of the best time living with Sayuri but nothing lasts forever.

As the years past by, Sayuri noticed something odd. Whatever injury Cuddles sustained it will show against her body as well. She didn't thought much of it until one day, Cuddles ran away. Sayuri searched high and low for Cuddles thinking that she won't run far. As she gave up hope, she went home with a heavy heart thinking that was the last time.

Cuddles astonished her by sitting and waiting by the front gate of Sayuris house. Sayuri was elated that Cuddles was back and brought her in. Months past by and Sayuri noticed Cuddles stomach getting bigger. Gradually she confirmed that Cuddles was pregnant.

What she couldn't figure out was why her stomach was getting bigger as well. On a dead silent night, Cuddles was ready to give birth. Sayuri was asleep at that point of time but woke up to Cuddles loud meowing. Sayuri did what she could and wait. She couldn't bear the anticipation.

As Cuddles gave birth to the first kitten, Sayuri felt immense pain coming from her privates below. Her scream engulfs the room as blood covers the tile on the floor. After half an hour of so the silence was deafening. Sayuri died with her stomach concaving inwards.

Her neighbours came to the room but only to be disgusted by the sight. There in the bedroom was only her, dried up and dead. Cuddles was nowhere to be seen up to this very date.

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