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Welcome to the Gang Bang Club

Welcome to the gang bang club! Here are the rules as listed: 1) You'll be banging a random person with 9 other strangers every session....

Saturday, 5 December 2015

The Room

Shane laid there cold and motionless. His past flashes through like some old film. The pool of blood gets bigger. He took one last breath and that was it. He died.

Shane, at the mere mention of his name everybody would know who he is. The CEO of one of the biggest company. The company was making money, his wife just got pregnant recently and he just opened another branch. Things was going good until he receives an invitation from anonymous to increase his companys' profit.

Being a businessman, Shane pretty much loved the idea but he had no idea who it was that send it to him. All it states in the letter was to come to the building 3 blocks behind the market. It piqued his curiousity and Shane decided to give it a go as the location was stated in a fairly crowded area.

He brought along some company just to be safe and went ahead with the meeting. However on that day, the place had little to no crowd. As he was waiting, a lady in a red dress came to greet him. After explaning the pupose of visit Shane and his company followed to where she was taking them.

It seemed fishy but Shane had nothing to lose. There in the room, were 3 doors. On each of the doors, was a sign. 'Past', 'Present' and 'Future'. Shane suggested that the people who were with him went first just to be safe because they each had guns with them.

They went in and came back either happy or sad. They explained what they saw. Shane didn't believe it and went to each one of the doors. There he saw his past, how he had to endure the hardships before he became successful. He saw his present and what he did few days back. The last is future where he saw everything came crumbling down.

Shane rushed out of the door and left the building. He didn't liked one bit of what he saw. It seemed planned. He took extra precaution from that day on. Everything went good till he started to lose a deal. Followed by another and another and another. Shane was losing money faster than how much he could profit.

Eventually Shane went bankrupt. He had to sell his company off and went into a life of poverty. It wasn't long since his wife gave birth. The doctor called him and said that his son was stricken with a very dangerous virus and there wasn't a thing they could do.

Days later his son died. His wife couldn't cope with the loss and commited suicide. Shane was thrown into depression. He didn't know if he should believe what he saw in that room with the sign 'Future'. It was coming true. What he saw after his wife was, he running out of his house and was hit by a car.

Shane did not want the last revealation to be true. So he stayed inside his house. Days later, a wire trip and it caused a fire. It was late night. Shane dashed out of his house to seek help and did not notice the incoming car. The driver was drunk and couldn't hit the brakes on time.

Within a blink of an eye, there he was, on the ground. Laying in his pool of blood and taking his last breath Shane died.

Saturday, 7 November 2015


Caesar was the king of a noble kingdom. His kingdom has strive for long. He has a son, whose future seems promising and would soon takd over the kingdom. A daughter whom is still learning the ropes and a queen whose loyalty is like an iron wall, unbreakable.

One day his son told Caesar that he fell in love with one of the village woman. Caesar didn't intervine in it whatsoever as he understands that his son has made the right decision. So one day he invites his soon to be daughter in law over to the castle. His son was delighted at the news. At night things started to get hot and heavy.

Who would have thought that the woman the son is sleeping with is an assassin. She killed him while they were having sex. Day break comes and Caesar was told of the unfortunate news. Something snapped inside of him. He ordered for the assassin to be captured in 3 days time.

A huge reward awaits whoever finds the assassin. Those whose greed knows no bound sold their daughter or wife for money. But it was all in shame. 3 days later, Caesar execute his plan, "Genesis" in which all the village woman are rounded up and their husband or father shall witness their death.

They were raped, torture or killed instantly. Some impaled, some were made to suffer the brazen bull in which they were made to sit inside an iron statue of a bull while fire burns. Some were hammered on their genitals with balls of spike. Many sat on a giant blade while the end of the blade were woman tied whose made to stand atop of a floor of burning charcoal.

After 2 days and 2 nights all the woman in the village was wiped out. Operation Genesis was a success and the only 2 female left were Caesars' daughter and wife. He had them executed in public by pouring honey into every hole known and let them sink in a pit full of ants.

After which, Caesar took his own life by hanging himself infront of the castle.

Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Shelter 13

It was Friday the 13th. Some believe it to be a day of bad luck while others deem it as superstition to believe that a single day would bring them such luck.

May was an office clerk. Her day started out with her being late for work, got caught up in heavy traffic, left her mobile at home, spilled coffee on her new white dress, got yelled at by her boss, the dateline of her project was pushed forward and because of that she had to stay in the office for some overtime.

May didn't realize how eerie the office so she hurried her way out of the office. While walking along the pathway beside the new building, a window pane dropped right beside her. She was thinking how lucky she was that it didn't fall on her causing fatal injuries or possibly, death.

May taking extra precautions walked into the shelter nearby. As May was walking, she heard the sound of nails clacking against the shelter. It was in sync with her footsteps. May decided to stop in her tracks and turned to look behind. There was nobody or anything.

May brushed that thought and simply mumbled that those must be birds. She continued walking. The clacking sound stopped. What took place was footsteps. It was heavy and it was also in sync with her footsteps.

May decided to take a peek on top of the shelter. Nothing. Fear slowly swallowed her. She hasten her pace. The foot steps followed not missing a tempo. May stumbled while she was rushing. As she picked her up she saw blood dripping infront of her. However, there was nobody. She looked up slowly and there, hanging upside down was a figure with blood shot eyes and rotting flesh.

It ran its hand onto Mays face. The next day, police barrier was seen near the new building. There in the middle was a woman hanging upside down. Her insides was forcefully ripped out from her genitals and tied to both her legs and onto a latch. Her chest was clawed open with all her ribcages broken. Two can be seen piercing her wrists. While the rest was punctured through her skull.

Nobody knows how or why it happened. But it did and it happend at shelter 13.

Thursday, 1 October 2015

Denounced, Defiled.

Jack, a tall blonde man, with emerald eyes that sparkles like jems on a stone when shone upon. He looks like every girls dream guy. Jack is also known as very polite, respected by his peers and very well off. However, nobody knows that his actually 665 years old. The only reason he looks like a 20 year old guy is because Jack is a practitioner of black magic. He feeds on the heart of virgin women as it is considered pure.

Jack goes to a college. In this modern day and time it's hard to find somebody whose not dying to offer her body to Jack. Being a practitioner of black magic he casts a spell that allows him to differentiate between a virgin and a non virgin. Those he seek are usually coped up at a corner of the library or the classroom alone after hours.

 It's a repetitive process whereby Jack goes up to the girl and try to "persuade" her on being friends. The girl will never say no because Jack usually casts a spell to ensure that she will say yes. In no time the girl will follow Jack back to his house. In a state of trance, the girl willingly does whatever Jack commands. In the basement, infront of the figure of a Baphomet, lies a pentagram.

Stripped naked in the center of the pentagram, Jack commence the ritual of sacrificial. He offers the girl soul to the devil, while he forcefully yanks her heart out while its still beating and feeds on it. 66 days away from the eclipse. That too signifies the number of days left he has. Jack does his research on the book of Lucifer. After 30 days, he found the solution to it.

On the second last day before the eclipse, Jack has to do some preparation. He has to enslave 6 virgin women as an offering and the 6th woman shall bore his child. He does what was written in the book and on the night of the eclipse he made the 6th woman bear his child. Just as he shoots his seed into her, he collapsed and turned to dust. It was the start of the eclipse. During the eclipse, the woman stomach bloated up as if she was due to give birth.

The eclipse passed and the baby clawed his way through her stomach letting out a piercing scream. The baby fed on the corpse of the woman and her heart. Hours passed and the baby grew. He started feeding on the 5 other virgin women hearts that were chained to the wall. All in a state of trance. As the baby look in the mirror, he had a revelation. Jack was the baby. Now his grown into the man he was once were.

Jack was reborn anew and he walks among the earth for another 666 years.

Sunday, 20 September 2015

The Best Story EVA (Parody)


Carl was your ordinary man. Whose only problem is his raging hormones. His urges are like those of rabbits. He thinks of it day and night, so naturally he masturbates a lot. If masturbating is an olympic sport, Carl would probably sweep the gold easily.

One day, Carl went up to the attic to search for some thrash to clear. As he was digging through it, he found a suit. A shrek suit. Thinking how stupid and goofy he would look wearing it, Carl paid no attention to it. But hours passed and he catches glimpse of the suit. A strong attraction was calling out to him to wear the shrek suit. Eventually Carl wore it.

After looking himself in the mirror and realized how stupid he looked, he decided to take it off. His fears became reality when the suit would not come off. He tried to rip it but when he does that he felt a surge of pain. As if he was pulling his own skin.

He decided to cut the suit with a scissors. To his dismay, the suit bled as if it was him whose bleeding. True enough he felt the pain of cuts. He lay it off and went to bed. Thinking that he will search for help the next day. Carl soon fell asleep sad not being able to do his daily masturbation.

Day came fast and when Carl woke up he roared a mighty ogre roar. The suit has swallowed him and he is now shrek itself. An ogre. With strong ogre arms. However his sex drive was still strong and he decided that since his life was fucked up as it is, might as well do something. So Carl decided to go on the streets in daylight and rape. He saw an old lady and fucked her till she got a heart attack and died after being sprayed with ogre cum.

Carl saw a toddler and made him spread open his butt cheeks wide open. Soon after he forced his big ogre dick in his small onions. The boy fainted due to shock and pain. As Carl did that he let another mighty ogre roar. His rampaged continued throughout the streets. The police couldn't do anything except getting their asses raped too.

Carl moved to a farm to hide. He fucked a goat, a cow, a pig and a horse. Practically anything. He made his hideout there and wait to revitalize his raging ogre hormones. Those which were raped and survive undergo a transformation. They soon turned shrek like. Their hormones raged. Soon enough the whole city was in a rape state. Everybody was turning shrek like.

However, only one man in the city was not transformed yet. Because in all honesty you can't see him. And if you ever do he will F U you to hell. He stood as humanity last hope. AND HIS NAME IS JOHN CENA.

John Cena knew where Carl the shrek was hiding at. Because only one place was overflowing with an ogre aura so strong so putrid there was no hiding it. Soon John Cena confronted Carl. Carl let out a mighty ogre roar and grabbed John Cena with his big ogre arms. John Cena was surprised because he thought he can't be seen.

John Cena flipped over and started punching Carl the shrek in the face. He kicked Carl in the gut and did an F U so hard that Carl  dissappeared from the face of the earth. Those who were transformed into shrek like beings were back to their original state. All thanks to one man and one man alone.

Friday, 7 August 2015


BoneZ. That's the shop. A new shop that sells what some find it creepy but others find it intriguing. What does it sell? It sells skeletal structure of animals combined. BoneZ also sells accessories but you know, with bones as the material.

Walter was a new employee. It was his first day of work. It wasn't that high paying but the benefits of it was you can create your very own design and use it as a display. If your display becomes a hot item, you will get incentives for every piece sold.

Everybody wants money. With that Walter took up the job offer. As he arrived at the shop it was filled with bones. Like literally. Some of the display was unique. For example, infusing a bat with a frog. Some were just creepy.

Days became weeks and weeks became months. Walter was enjoying his job. Handling different customers with different feedbacks on what can be improved and so forth. But one customer hit him with a question even he found himself pondering long and hard to. Where exactly do they get the materials to form the bones? Are they authentic or made?

Months in the shop and Walter has never questioned himself or ask. I mean how is it possible to even ask when the manager is never there like 90% of the time. So one day, Walter decide to snoop around the back of the shop until closing hours. The thing is he has never done closing of the shop itself. He wasn't issued any keys to it.

What Walter saw made him wish he wasn't so curious. There are the counter where he usually stood was a lady dressed in white with pale skin and long hair that was darker then black. The number of customers were more then ever. Suddenly, the shutter started to close behind them. The glass door was sealed shut. Soon the place became dimly lit.

Few seconds later, screams of anguish and pain can be heard. The lady in white was responsible for it. Walter was in fear but he couldn't move from his spot. A massacre was happening right infront of him. Their throats were slit at an abnormal speed. Some were even beheaded. After minutes, it was dead silent.

Not wanting the same happening to him, he kept still. The lady dragged body after body to the back of the shop stacking. Sometimes she even stab their chest and pull out the heart. Munching on it as if it was some kind of snack. Walter was scared as hell. He wanted to get out.

She skinned them clean only leaving the bones and dumped the skin and organs one side. After the last body was skinned, the lady in white took the and organs started eating. It didn't took long for her to finish it. The skin was hung in another room. Walter didn't know what to do at that point of time.

The lady in white came out of the back and moved out of the back room. Walter closed his eyes. After sometime he peered through and saw that she was gone. Thinking it was safe, he turned. What he didn't realize was, the lady in white was just above him. Something like Spiderman would do.

The next step Walter took was his last. The lady jumped behind him, slicing him into half. Now his just another part of the collection of the display item.

Thursday, 2 July 2015

"Good" Guy Dave

Good guy Dave was well known for being, you know the good guy in everybodys lives. He wasn't a saint but has a heart of gold. One day, Dave was caught up in an incident and couldn't make it out on time. He died. The weird part is his spirit was bound to earth. He was confuzzled. He was sure he had no more ties to any earthly matters and was able to move on.

As his spirit wandered the streets, he came upon a church where he once helped out. There as he stood infront of the gates, he heard whispers. He heard his name and how he was being annoying, always poking his nose in their matters. How he was probably a servant of Satan.

This angered the spirit of good guy Dave. So in return he entered the church and found out the source of those whispers. It was from a nun whom he worked close with. Dave did the unthinkable and possessed her body. He used that body and sinned for what's worth. He even used that body to jerk of the priest. After condemning that body, he left her, bared and defiled.

Once again, Dave roamed the streets and came upon an orphanage. He heard whispers again coming from the office doors. The whispers mentioned of how he was a pedophile and was eyeing to rape one or two of the kids. Rage took over and Dave once again possessed the body of one of the kids he helped. With that body he slaughtered every adult that was in that building. After the last body was drop dead on the floor, he left the body he possessed and continued his journey.

He came upon the doors of his neighbours. Again he heard the whispers. This time it's about how he was an alcoholic and he only did the things he does to cover up the bad deeds he has done. How he was two faced and that he deserved to die. Without hesitation, Dave possessed body after body, hanging themselves after slitting each others throat.

After all that chaos has died down. Dave realized that maybe he is tied down to earth to seek "justice" for himself. Before he can even seek salvation he has to carry out his own brand of punishment to those who speak ill of him.

So Dave carried out what he thought was right and eventually was dragged to hell.

Sunday, 17 May 2015


It was the weekends, finally. Sarah and her group of friends was  dying to check out this newly opened shop called 'Escape'. The game was design in a way that you have to solve puzzles and find clues in order to escape from the room in the designated time given. Tho it's new, many have visited and gave a high rating because it was fun to do it as a group.

Sarah and her group of 3 other friends, Wei Shen Ryuto and Cynthia arrived at the shop at noon. It was fairly crowded but the waiting time was long. Finally it was their turn but the only theme that was available was the torture chamber. Not wanting it to be a dissapointment, they went ahead with the decision.

They entered the room. It was dimly lighted and you can hear chains being dragged on the floor and screams of people being tortured. It's a given that nobody chose that theme because it was so eerie. Sarah and her friends walked aimlessly till they came into an intersection. 2 doors was ahead of them. They decided to split up.

At that moment, they made the worst decision ever. 30 minutes after they split up, they heard screams of help coming from the other room. At first Sarah and Ryuto thought it was just the others tryna goof off but it went on for minutes and suddenly, total silence.

Sarah and Ryuto looked at each other and knew something was wrong. So they ran back and entered the other room. Few steps into the room and they saw a figure hanging from a chain. With the lights flickering it was hard to make out if that was just a decoration. Sarah switched on her mobile light and screamed at the sight.

It was Wei Shen. His face was skinned and his hand was holding it. Blood was still dripping from his toes. Sarah and Ryuto at that point rushed for the entrance but it was locked from outside. They can only go forward. They rushed to find Cynthia not knowing what was her demise.

Not long after they saw Wei Shen, Ryuto discovered Cynthia. She was inside an iron maiden. By then she was already dead with holes everywhere in her body. Sarah broke down and cry. She couldn't take it anymore. Sarah ran ahead leaving Ryuto. Ryuto gave chase but was pulled back.

Sarah searched frantically for clues to get out. Then she remembered that if they ever ran into a problem, a phone was given so that they could contact the staff managing the place to get them out. However, it was with Ryuto. So she ran back to the place before

What she saw was a headless body. The head was nowhere to be seen. Sarah was going insane. She couldn't handle it anymore. She just went to a corner to hide. She can only wait for the time to end in hopes of anybody to find her.

Soon after somebody did entered the room. She ran up thinking that it was one of the staff. She was wrong. What she saw was  man, holding on to Ryutos' head. Before Sarah could even let out a scream, a knife slashed her throat. She was eventually chopped to pieces and was scattered around the whole room.

One of the staff entered the room. He traced the signal of the phone given to the group but was wondering where they could have been. He thought that they might have dropped it. Soon as he turn around he saw the dead bodies. He ran out and told the rest of the staff.

That whole place was on locked down soon after. Nobody knows who the killer was or where he is.

Sunday, 10 May 2015


Sid, also known as, Ghost. He is a mercenary earning money by being a neutral faction. As the saying goes "Money makes the world go round". Sid believes that the money he earns is to buy his rounds for his babies.

His babies are non living objects that will fatally wound or the best for his case, kill. Sid is no amateur. He has been doing this for years. It's kill or be killed.

Now Sid is on another mission for country X. They are to infiltrate the "enemy" camp, steal the base hq coordinates and destroy their equipments. Those that are present, supposedly are the "Prisoners Of War" (POW).

They are to follow strictly to the Geneva Convention and there shall be no casualties. Sid being a mercenary, is doing it for the money. One way or another bloodlust has over taken him after so many years and his thirst to kill rise instantly.

He took the POW back to their city and did public execution by shooting them all in the head. Afterwards he left leaving no trace behind. Country X found out about it and was enraged. He not only disrupt the element of surprise, he also executed them.

He was banished from the mission. Word spread like wildfire and soon he couldn't even get a mission. Nobody would hire him. Sid just couldn't resist his thirst and soon he began to hunt.

Elderly was impaled from their asses and left to burn over a fire like roasted meat. Women had their breasts cut off and grenades were stuffed into their vaginas and left to explode. Men was hanged from their dicks and they had their necks sliced opened and left to bleed dry upside down.

Not even children was spared. They had the worst of it. Sid would first shoot their kneecaps preventing them from moving. He would then cut them open from their back, starting from their heads to the tail bone very carefully. His idea was to showcase their skull and spine, still intact together, along with their skin as a trophy. He would then hang it over the city.

He continues his rampage from town to town. The worst part is, nobody can find any traces of him. No fingerprints, no traces of blood, nothing. Just like his call sign. However, he got bored of playing the hunter, so he purposely became the hunted. He was hanged for all his killings but he never regretted what his done.

For he found joy in the sounds of war. He can finally go in peace.

Sunday, 3 May 2015

Demon In Human Skin

Alex was well known as a doctor. He is admired by junior doctors, liked by nurses and mostly grateful by many patients. He does his job exceptionally well. He does simple consultations to complicated surgery.

The rate of his operations are usually high. Even with those who needs a miracle, Alex pulls through and perform one. With surgery being his specialty, its no wonder everybody looked up to him.

But for every patient that Alex did surgery on, his patient dies within a week. It is no mere accident or supernatural cause, it is to be expected. Because the one who caused it is no other, Alex.

You see, Alex is a doctor by day and a serial killer by night. It's no wonder his surgery skills are top notch. The patient usually dies with their innards laid out nicely beside their bed. With the amount of experience Alex has had, it was like baby steps to him.

Adults to elderly and kids are no exception. He does it for the thrill. He does it because its fun. But the thing he loves to see is, their faces when he slice them up open while they are half asleep or just reading a book.

Everybody suspected Alex, but they had no evidence against him. He is like a shadow in the dark. You can't see it but its there and you know it. Now one day, he had to operate on his wife and his son due to a fatal accident. That was where he had to make a choice to do the same thing as he always did or to by pass this and let it slip.

No matter how much of a psycho he can be, he still had feelings and he love his family dearly. As he sat there watching his wife sleeping, he stood up and brought his son to sleep together in the same room.

Midnight past, the hospital was quiet. The only sound that can be heard was if you were in the same room as Alex. It was the sound of a woman screaming in pain and a child crying for help. But nobody could hear it because Alex taped both their mouth shut and cable tied their hands and legs.

He figured if he was about to murder his family, he might as well take his life along. So he sliced his wife stomach, took out her intestine and left her to bleed to death. While he took the intestine and coil it around his son and hang him.

Before he take his own life, Alex smeared the walls with his wife blood. He stabbed a scalpel through his throat and pull it to the left, cutting the jugular vein in process. He died a painful death but as he was waiting for his time he smiled.

The next morning, the nurses screamed in sheer terror as he saw what happened in the room. They contacted the police but what can they do when the culprit was in the same room but has taken his own life? As they carried the body, one of them read the walls that was smeared with blood.


Friday, 3 April 2015

Seen it all before

Imagine getting lost while you're walking, day dreaming about what to do or what not. You find yourself in the middle of some forest and infront of you is a well. You out of curiousity go closer. Not expecting anything you walked away but before you do a voice spoke.

It tells you your name,details of your family and all the problems you're currently encountering. The voice speaks of the outcome of it. It mentions only the good that will happen. In exchange he wants something of equal value.

You, in the first place, will definitely not believe but he makes a prediction, say about the outcome of your test and what good things will happen the next day. In exchange, you have to return back to where you find the well and sacrifice something of equal value. As a trial the voice requested for a live animal as sacrifice.

Everything that the voice said came true. You must be thinking its pure coincidence but still something pulls you to the well. One way or another you know how to go without getting lost. You even brought a live chicken to sacrifice.

When you reach there, the voice says he has been expecting you. He tells you to drop the chicken into the well. Next he mentions about your problems you're encountering. But in exchange he wants something from your own body. He requested a finger. As crazy as it sounds, you do believe in that voice.

So you chopped your finger off. Sure enough whatever he said that will happen, happened. Everytime you have a problem, you'll confide in the well. Your problem gets harder and harder to deal with. His requests gets bigger and more harder to comply with. He asked for an arm this time round.

Eventually you give it to him. A problem that arise this time round is related to life and death. It concerns of your loved one. You pretty much would do anything to see them live now wouldn't you? The voice in the well requested your life. One for one exchange.

You try to offer something else but all others are denied. He wants your life. Will you do it? Eventually you jumped into the well and you hear the voice whispering to your ear this time round. He said, it was a lie. Your loved one will still perish and you will join alongside. Dwelling in the well is a void of nothingness.

Your soul forever trapped in the well. Going neither to hell nor heaven. Just floating there aimlessly for rest of eternity.

Thursday, 26 March 2015

Welcome to the Gang Bang Club

Welcome to the gang bang club! Here are the rules as listed:
1) You'll be banging a random person with 9 other strangers every session.
2) It is only for a month duration.
3) You will be paid 75,000 in cash if you last for that whole month.
4) You are required to come down and bang for atleast 3 days a week.
5) Bangers must be atleast 18 y/o and above.
6) The bang-ee is of the opposite sex and has agreed to terms and conditions.
7) Your identity is safe, you will be wearing a mask.
8) Safety first, you are only allowed to do it with a condom on and you must be cleared from any sexual transmitted disease.
8) You are not allowed at all times to quit or utter a word of what you did. For if you do, you'll get the surprise of your life.

Sounds good doesn't it? That's what Jin thought too. Jin is your average boy has a beautiful girlfriend. A family of 3 which consists of his sister and his mom whom he is very close with. Jin has no father as he passed away when Jin was of young age.

However, Jin has the tendency to get bored of his daily life easily and seeks something new and thrilling. He tried drugs, shop lifting and whatever illegal things he can get his hands on.

One day as he was heading home from school, a stranger, known as Mr. B stopped him and started the convo about the gang bang club. Jin just listened and took the name card and continued home, paying no attention to Mr. B thinking that it's just a load of bullshit.

Weeks passed and as Jin was clearing up his room, he saw the name card that was given and decided to give Mr. B a ring. Mr. B was more then delighted to receive that call and told him in detailed of the rules. At that moment, after he ended the call was just sex and money. He couldn't wait for his first session.

On the night of the banging session, Jin had the time of his life doing it with a random woman. He never thought that a gang bang session would be so thrilling. Jin continued as the week passed. On the 3rd week however, Jin had a shock of his life.

He didn't knew what to do and how he was suppose to react. The woman for that night was his sister. He just couldn't bring himself to actually bang his own sister so he just stood near but never really did anything and didn't allow his sister to touch him.

The next day, Jin asked about his sister whereabouts the night yesterday but only got a cold reply. Thinking that it must have been his imagination he convinced himself that it was somebody else that looked exactly like his sister.

On the next bang session, he got another shock and a heart break. It was his girlfriend. He couldn't bring himself to actually do it with 9 other strangers. He just stood there, lost and dead. Following after, he asked his girlfriend whereabouts at night. Finally after a long arguement, he uncovered the dirty truth that was not told.

The terms and conditions of the random person being banged is that, she will receive a sum of 10,000 cash to do it with 10 strangers. If she rejects the offer, nothing will happen to her. Jin just slumped on the ground, shocked and lost by what he knew. He was beginning to doubt this gang bang club and wanted to quit. He called Mr. B to make a special request to allow him to stop his activities.

Mr. B just said, one more session and you can quit. Jin agreed and went on with the next session. As he was getting his underwear undone, he cried. The woman that he was suppose to bang next was his own mom. He couldn't take it anymore. He took his clothes and just ran out of the place. He went home and cried the whole night.

Next morning, Mr. B called and told him he broke the rule. It was taboo to do so and his surprise will be given to him. He waited anxiously to what was the surprise. Days seemed like weeks to him and finally he recieved a letter and a cd.

The letter wrote, "You my dear banger have broken the sacred law of the gang bang club. Therefore your surprise is as given. You will watch the cd till the very end. After the whole thing ends. You will realize it was not wise to quit. Thank you have a pleasant life."
- Mr. B

Jin played the cd. His eyes grew wide and at that point of time if he could cry blood he would do so as his actions were the cause of it. There lined up was his mom, sister and girlfriend being banged by 30 other guys. He watched only for a minute and fast forward to the end. There a voice was saying that, the ones being banged on screen right now, are slaves for life and will be sold to other countries as prostitutes. This is your given surprise for breaking the one of the golden rule.

As the cd halted, Jin hanged himself in the living room. Forever blaming himself for his actions.

Sunday, 22 March 2015

Dear sanity I miss you come back to me.

What if we can control who dies with a mobile device? Would you use it for good or for evil? Would you kill those who diss you in the early morning?

Let's say you stumble upon that so called phone. Literally a killer device. All you need is just the other party phone number, the number is untraceable and all you gotta do is either say die or say how, when and where. But here is the catch. That person doesn't die. Instead somebody of blood relation dies in his place. Everytime you call, the id shown on that person phone is the one that is gonna die.

Only when all members of his blood relation has die, only then it's his turn. After one complete cycle, you will lose ownership of the phone. When that happens, what will you do? Who can you trust? Seclude yourself from a life without any mobile device? Sure if it's easy living without one in this age. How do you know if it is really your mom whose on the other line? What if it's an emergency?

An example will be, supposedly that somebody of your family was warded and is currently in the A&E and they require any family member to be there to do some admin matters. Just so happen that everybody else is not free. Halfway while you're writing the particulars it states your name and time of death and such. How will you react? Freak out and clarify if the hospital made a mistake?

Go ahead, it'll only make you look like a lunatic. Sooner or later you might want to take your own life to end the madness.

Saturday, 21 March 2015

There is a hell, believe me i've seen it. There is a heaven, let's keep it a secret.

Some find that the world we live in now a bliss and it's heaven to them. While others suffer and seek death as an option to escape from the living hell they have to go through. For Sayuri, having born with heterochromia iridum but orphaned since 3 was ironically having the best of both world.

She was pretty much liked by her peers due to her disease because they, in a way worship it being very different but also beautiful. With that being said, she is surrounded by many but still feel so lonely.

Every night she lays in bed, over thinking. About everything and anything her mind could grab hold of. Eventually she does fall asleep only to wake up to the dreaded mornings where she mourn for having little to no sleep at all.

One unexpected evening as she was walking back from school, she stumbled upon a box. Inside was a ball of fur. Her eyes open in delight as it was a kitten inside. It was curled up, sleeping soundly. Without hesitation she picked up the box and brought it home.

What surprised her further was the fact that the kitten itself has the same eye condition as her. She instantly fell in love with it even more and name it Cuddles. Cuddles had one of the best time living with Sayuri but nothing lasts forever.

As the years past by, Sayuri noticed something odd. Whatever injury Cuddles sustained it will show against her body as well. She didn't thought much of it until one day, Cuddles ran away. Sayuri searched high and low for Cuddles thinking that she won't run far. As she gave up hope, she went home with a heavy heart thinking that was the last time.

Cuddles astonished her by sitting and waiting by the front gate of Sayuris house. Sayuri was elated that Cuddles was back and brought her in. Months past by and Sayuri noticed Cuddles stomach getting bigger. Gradually she confirmed that Cuddles was pregnant.

What she couldn't figure out was why her stomach was getting bigger as well. On a dead silent night, Cuddles was ready to give birth. Sayuri was asleep at that point of time but woke up to Cuddles loud meowing. Sayuri did what she could and wait. She couldn't bear the anticipation.

As Cuddles gave birth to the first kitten, Sayuri felt immense pain coming from her privates below. Her scream engulfs the room as blood covers the tile on the floor. After half an hour of so the silence was deafening. Sayuri died with her stomach concaving inwards.

Her neighbours came to the room but only to be disgusted by the sight. There in the bedroom was only her, dried up and dead. Cuddles was nowhere to be seen up to this very date.
He was a mess, a walking disaster, a living oblivion. He fell in love and that loved was returned back. It went well for the moment but nevertheless all good things must come to an end.

On New Years eve, she confessed that she hasn't been putting in 100% effort in the relationship. He knows all these while but he kept mum for his love could move mountains if it could.

They argued, it got big. They both made rash decisions. She finally wanted to end things. He didn't. He wanted to fix what he knew was the inevitable. On that night he lost her, he lost himself and everything.

Waking up seems like a torture. Sleeping seems like a nightmare. Everything that happened, it reminded him of her and all the little things. He held on. She didn't. She gave him the cold shoulder. Days became weeks. Weeks became months. Months became years.

He knew how it was going to end but he tried to changed the ending not knowing he was half the reason why it came to the ending he wanted to avoid. Admist all the chaos in those years, he grabbed hold of news of her getting married.

He couldn't believe it. So he attended the ceremony itself. Dressed in black as if attending a funeral instead of a wedding, just as the priest said "Is there anybody who objects?" He stood up, walked down the aisle, towards the bride, groom and priest.

Before they know it, the priest was dead. "Yeah, I object." he spoked. Screams and cries filled the air the next second. Minutes changed to hours and finally the place was dead silent. Onslaught was over. The bride, scower for a place to hide but to no avail. He smiled and he killed the woman he love so dearly.

"If we can't be together now, we shall do it in the after life." he whispered to the corpse. He kissed the corpse and took his own life. As life drains away, he sat beside her, holding hands with a smile on his face.