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Thursday, 2 July 2015

"Good" Guy Dave

Good guy Dave was well known for being, you know the good guy in everybodys lives. He wasn't a saint but has a heart of gold. One day, Dave was caught up in an incident and couldn't make it out on time. He died. The weird part is his spirit was bound to earth. He was confuzzled. He was sure he had no more ties to any earthly matters and was able to move on.

As his spirit wandered the streets, he came upon a church where he once helped out. There as he stood infront of the gates, he heard whispers. He heard his name and how he was being annoying, always poking his nose in their matters. How he was probably a servant of Satan.

This angered the spirit of good guy Dave. So in return he entered the church and found out the source of those whispers. It was from a nun whom he worked close with. Dave did the unthinkable and possessed her body. He used that body and sinned for what's worth. He even used that body to jerk of the priest. After condemning that body, he left her, bared and defiled.

Once again, Dave roamed the streets and came upon an orphanage. He heard whispers again coming from the office doors. The whispers mentioned of how he was a pedophile and was eyeing to rape one or two of the kids. Rage took over and Dave once again possessed the body of one of the kids he helped. With that body he slaughtered every adult that was in that building. After the last body was drop dead on the floor, he left the body he possessed and continued his journey.

He came upon the doors of his neighbours. Again he heard the whispers. This time it's about how he was an alcoholic and he only did the things he does to cover up the bad deeds he has done. How he was two faced and that he deserved to die. Without hesitation, Dave possessed body after body, hanging themselves after slitting each others throat.

After all that chaos has died down. Dave realized that maybe he is tied down to earth to seek "justice" for himself. Before he can even seek salvation he has to carry out his own brand of punishment to those who speak ill of him.

So Dave carried out what he thought was right and eventually was dragged to hell.

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