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Friday, 7 August 2015


BoneZ. That's the shop. A new shop that sells what some find it creepy but others find it intriguing. What does it sell? It sells skeletal structure of animals combined. BoneZ also sells accessories but you know, with bones as the material.

Walter was a new employee. It was his first day of work. It wasn't that high paying but the benefits of it was you can create your very own design and use it as a display. If your display becomes a hot item, you will get incentives for every piece sold.

Everybody wants money. With that Walter took up the job offer. As he arrived at the shop it was filled with bones. Like literally. Some of the display was unique. For example, infusing a bat with a frog. Some were just creepy.

Days became weeks and weeks became months. Walter was enjoying his job. Handling different customers with different feedbacks on what can be improved and so forth. But one customer hit him with a question even he found himself pondering long and hard to. Where exactly do they get the materials to form the bones? Are they authentic or made?

Months in the shop and Walter has never questioned himself or ask. I mean how is it possible to even ask when the manager is never there like 90% of the time. So one day, Walter decide to snoop around the back of the shop until closing hours. The thing is he has never done closing of the shop itself. He wasn't issued any keys to it.

What Walter saw made him wish he wasn't so curious. There are the counter where he usually stood was a lady dressed in white with pale skin and long hair that was darker then black. The number of customers were more then ever. Suddenly, the shutter started to close behind them. The glass door was sealed shut. Soon the place became dimly lit.

Few seconds later, screams of anguish and pain can be heard. The lady in white was responsible for it. Walter was in fear but he couldn't move from his spot. A massacre was happening right infront of him. Their throats were slit at an abnormal speed. Some were even beheaded. After minutes, it was dead silent.

Not wanting the same happening to him, he kept still. The lady dragged body after body to the back of the shop stacking. Sometimes she even stab their chest and pull out the heart. Munching on it as if it was some kind of snack. Walter was scared as hell. He wanted to get out.

She skinned them clean only leaving the bones and dumped the skin and organs one side. After the last body was skinned, the lady in white took the and organs started eating. It didn't took long for her to finish it. The skin was hung in another room. Walter didn't know what to do at that point of time.

The lady in white came out of the back and moved out of the back room. Walter closed his eyes. After sometime he peered through and saw that she was gone. Thinking it was safe, he turned. What he didn't realize was, the lady in white was just above him. Something like Spiderman would do.

The next step Walter took was his last. The lady jumped behind him, slicing him into half. Now his just another part of the collection of the display item.

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