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Friday, 1 December 2017

Gospel Of Fear

Welcome to the gospel of fear. Before you overcome your fears, you have to know what fear is. You have to embrace it even if it means that the fear will swallow you whole. So first thing first, what is fear? Fear is but a figment of your imagination that defies your own logic. It is an emotion, a thought that is either planted in you or created by your mind when you experience something you don't wish to.

Here we 3 candidates that wishes to overcome their current fears. First we have exhibit A. He fears the dark. In order to overcome the dark, one must be accustomed to it. So here he is sitting beside me all tied up. Question! How do you overcome that? You take away his sight. I shall now proceed to gorge his eyes out. And there you have it. He will forever be in darkness.

Exhibit B. She fears height is what we're told. But are you really afraid of being held up 80 floors high or are you just afraid of falling? So how do we tackle this problem? That's easy. Here we have her blindfolded and being lead outside of the building. Mind you we're at the 60th floor and the highest floor this building has to offer is the 100th. So here's a drone to show what's happening outside. As you can see she is made to hold on to a railing that is fixed to the building. She is standing atop a trapdoor that will only open once the blindfold is free from her. In 3,2,1! Pull her blindfold!

There you have it folks she is screaming and holding on to her dear life. It has been made near impossible to lift yourself up from that position. So now we ask again, do people just fear the height or falling from that height. She is probably gonna let go and come to terms that she won't make it out alive so let's move on to the third candidate.

Exhibit C have a fear of holes. Now i'm not sure how common that is and I personally will feel afraid if there's a gaping hole in my body. But that's not my issue. Here we have exhibit c pinned to the wall. Now we're going to put holes in his body with a nail gun, pry it out and pour this acid that eats away the tissue surrounding it so it will never recover. But before that let's numb his entire body. Standby! That's the 7th hole so far. Now let's get a doctor to see his condition. The doctor says his good to go for a few more rounds. Let's continue. 20th hole and looks like his coming to. Oh just look at how his screaming. Unsure if it's from the pain or from the holes in his body. We shall keep him detained for feedbacks.

Now before we end this session, how do you overcome your so called fear? By getting used to it that's how. So tune in next time for gospel of fear and the results of exhibit c.

Monday, 1 May 2017


Rick was your average old man. He got fired after being wrongly accused for trying to steal the formula that hastens the growth of plants in the company he worked for. After being retrenched he lived in a hut some distance away from the city with his son, Joshua.

Winter came and Joshua fell severely sick. Rick didn't have the money to buy any medicines at that point of time. During Christmas, Joshua died as a result. Steven buried Joshua at the back of his house serving it as a memory. 

Few months after Joshua died, Rick realized that a tree has grown over the grave. Rick didn't cut the tree down but instead nurtured it. Another few months flew by and the tree bear fruits. Rick couldn't make out what kind of fruit it was so he decided to let them fall to the ground by itself. 

It came as a shocking surprise to Rick as the fruits began to look more and more human rather. Close to Christmas the fruits fell. Rick was dumbfounded when he found out that it looked and felt like normal children. However they couldn't move nor speak but they do have a pulse rate. As Rick was carrying them into his house, he stumbled and dropped one of the fruits. The body broke into two and instantly disappears leaving only the testicles behind. 

Rick slowly began to experiment with them. Were they edible? Do they turn bad? What do they taste like? He began to eat the fruit. Different parts of it including the seeds. 

Few months after, Rick had a visit from his old company. They said that they were looking for land to expand their business and that Rick was in the way. Eventually while looking around they found out about what Rick was growing behind his yard. They came to a deal to buy what was left and forget about expansion. 

Rick explained how to grow them and the necessity. Rick only kept one or two to continue his harvest. The company which took what Rick had, monopolized the fruits and sold to people. Some disagree with the idea while others supported it as it was something new.

Christmas eve came  and Ricks friends decided to gave him a visit. They ate and drink. Soon everybody fell asleep. Christmas itself, when Rick woke up to some shuffling sound, he saw a horrid scene. His friends were eaten right infront of his eyes. One of them was munching away at a leg, stopped and stood up. They attention focused on Rick. They walked towards him and nobody heard of Rick ever since.

A year into the fruit project and it was successful. Some supported the project while others look at it in disdain as if it were some immoral act to be eating a fruit that looked like children. Nevertheless many still buy it.

Shuffling sounds could be heard. Soon, all hell break loose. Cars crashed, shots fired, screams broke the night and crying and prayers could be heard. The fruits came to live and they ate anybody in the vicinity. The fruits can't be killed nor eaten as it was lethal to the human body.

The feast continued throughout the night. In the shadows, a man could be seen carrying a jar of seeds. Unharmed, as if he has some immunity against the man eating fruits. Infront of him was his ex-boss, "You're still ali... Argh!! Alive!"

He walked through town looking at the chaos. He just smiled. "Damn kids did well. You should be proud Joshua." Rick muttered with tears in his eyes. 

Friday, 8 July 2016


Scott, 32, has absolutely nothing to his name. He has no job, no house, no dreams, no family. Nothing. One rainy evening, he met with a car accident while he was crossing the road. He was rushed to the hospital.

When Scott woke up, he felt very groggy. Beside him stood a small girl. She was smiling when Scott woke up. She started screaming but not those of fear nor terror. More of a delighted kind. In came a woman from the door.

She went over to scott, sat by his bed and gave him a kiss. The woman asked him to dress up as he does not want to make Becky wait any longer. She also reminded him that he would bring Becky to the theme park as he has some days off from work.

She went out and had Becky prepare for the trip. Scott stood up and looked around. He looked at the photos which were hung on the wall. Apparently, that beautiful woman, which kissed him was his wife and Becky was her daughter.

Somehow it felt somewhat unnatural but Scott was unsure why or what is the cause of it. Scott went down and waited by the car. Everybody got in and Scott just drove to the theme park. The day went well and it ended with fireworks.

They headed back home with everybody feeling satisfied. The next day, Scotts wife woke him up for work. Scott got ready in minutes and went to work. When he got home, he sat by the bed. His wife came up and started massaging him from the back. They ended up having sex, wash up and went to sleep.

Time flew by and before he knows it, Becky was already in college. Scott has already retired and living off from his savings that he managed to save up. One day, Scott met with a car accident. He was rushed to the hospital. The doctor tried all they could to save his life but it was very critical and he only had at most a day to live. His wife and kids came down to grief.

As Scott laid on his deathbed, his vision blurred and he can't hear anything. He saw his wife speaking to him but he can't hear it. As soon as Scott closed his eyes, he woke up. Beside him was a nurse and a doctor. The doctor explained how Scott was in a coma for a week.

The nurse attending to Scott was very patient. Day by day Scott got better and finally, he could walk again. The nurse and Scott just have that chemistry and eventually they got married. Scott didn't had a job, so he started working part time while studying to find a better job. His wife gave birth to a daughter just after Scott found a job with some good prospects.

Years later the wife quit as a nurse and looked after their daughter. Scott now owns a car, a house and a family of his own. His daughter grew up to be a fine lady whose in college. As Scott was crossing the road in the city, he met with a car accident. He was rushed to the hospital.

The doctor did all they could but to no luck. Scotts time was coming. As he laid on his deathbed waiting for his wife and daughter to come, Scott was struck with memories of the exact thing happening while he was in a coma. His wife came just hours before he passed on.

Scotts vision became blurred but he could somewhat see his wife mouthing something. This time round he could hear her clearly. His eyes widened in terror and he died as he heard her say, "Surprised? I know, I was there."

Friday, 19 February 2016

Timeless but soon gone

What if you could see the future and prevent a death only to lose a year worth of memory? For some it'll be worth it. But here's another catch, half an hour after saving that person he/she will still die. Here are the laws of a time samaritan:

1) It is mandatory to "save" the one you see in your vision be it friend or foe. 
2) After saving that person he or she has only 30 minutes to live before dying. 
3) You will lose a year worth of memory for every deed you do.
4) The number of years you lose your memories must never exceed your age or you will cease to exist. 
5) Ignoring a vision will result in losing 2 years worth of memory

It was February 14. It was Stans' 16th birthday. That's when things started to happen. Stan was looking into blank space when suddenly he saw the bbq pit exploded due to a gas leak. He turned to his dad which was at the pit. He was about to stand when it happened.

The pit exploded. His dad died in the process. That was the time Stan came into a conclusion that he can see the future. True enough he could. Whenever Stan see a vision of somebody dying he will immediately do his best to prevent it from happening. What he didn't know is that 30 minutes from the time he saved a certain person, that person will still die. 

Years passed and slowly Stan couldn't recall things from the past. Like what happend when he was 16. Anything above that he could recall. Stan was 19 by then. He can't remember how his dad died and will constantly ask his mom about his dad. His mom out of anger scolded him for being so ignorant and disrespectful to the dead. 

Stan couldn't take it and argued with his mom. What he saw next made him cower into fear and anguish. He saw a vision of his mom getting hit by a truck which was speeding across the road. Stan was in rage but quickly sought to find his mom to prevent it from happening. However he was too late. 

His mom has already left home and was about to drive off to town. He tried calling her upteen of times and finally she picked up. Seconds later, he heard his mom scream and a loud collision over the phone. The line went dead. He rushed out of the house and true enough. His vision came true. 

He quickly dialled 911. They came but it was too late. His little sister upon hearing this news went into depression and confined herself in her room. She refused to come out or eat. Days passed by and the door opened. Stan was glad and was about to coax his little sister. Only to find her dead. She hanged herself. 

Stan was losing his sanity. He started to rely on sleeping pills. He just can't handle it and would rather sleep off everything. As he went to the clinic he saw another vision. An old man was about to die from a construction nearby. Stan decided to ignore the vision. The old man died without Stan interfering.

Minutes after that incident Stan saw another vision. This time round it was him. He was about to die. However it just showed him, in a dark void. Nothing else. Stan was very reluctant and rushed home. He closed all the windows and the door shut tight. He sat on the sofa and soon drifted into a deep slumber. He was waiting for his food to boil. Apparently it boiled and cut the flames leaving only the gas.

It filled the entire house. Stan woke up in a fit and accidentally trip over a plug in which he caused some sparks. Within seconds the whole house was ablazed. The firefighters came but could not find anything. Only a pile of ashes. 

Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Black Mail, Black Mailed

Cynthia was a successful entrepreneur. She pursued her masters and managed to set up her own business afterwards. Cynthia was the second eldest. Her mom raised Cynthia and her sisters single handedly. Due to some unforeseen circumstances Cynthias' parents divorced. The eldest daughter was married and the youngest was still in middle school.

All was good till one day Cynthias business took a turn for the worst. Months passed and her company was losing money more than it was earning. She sold her car, her private properties and was on the verge of declaring bankrupt. As she was walking home from work, a man clad in black bumped her by the shoulder and she got knocked down

He apologized, however Cynthia didn't even flinch at that but instead she started weeping. The man clad in black consoled her and told her that her money problems could be solved within a week. Cynthia stopped whatever she was doing and pulled him by the collar.

He introduced himself as Mr. X and told Cynthia to wait for a black mail. He stood up and walked off. Cynthia gave chase but Mr. X was nowhere to be seen. Sure enough, a few days later a mail came for Cynthia. It was black in color too. On the letter it wrote that she was to come at evening at a certain building and bring this letter as proof that she met Mr. X.

Cynthia didn't thought of it much. Desperate time calls for desperate measures. So she went to where the letter indicated. It was an office building. Cynthia went up and entered the office. She showed the guy who was sitting behind the desk the letter. He went through with Cynthia about her personal details and the reason why she was in need of money.

Next she was to give details of her family. She without any sign of hesitance gave their particulars. Soon after the guy behind the desk took out a calculator and said to a mic located on his table. 40. That's all Cynthia know. She was escorted to another room. The lights were switched off and suddenly a voice spoke over the speakers.

It said, "Now you have a choice. If your answer is no you leave the building. If you say yes that means you agree to the sum assured afterwards and you must never speak of this or there will be dire consequences." Cynthia was dumbfounded and asked other questions but there were no answers. Again the voice spoke, "So is your answer a yes or no?"

Cynthia, letting her curiousity get the best of her said yes. The lights were switched on. There she was in the middle, surrounded by men of different ages and races. Some were older than her mom and some were as young as her sibling. The weirdest thing is that, they're all naked and their penis were rock hard.

The voice spoked, "In this room they're 40 men. For each men you satisfy you get a small sum of money. Satisfy all 40 and you get the amount you need to tide over your company." Cynthia just stood there motionless, not knowing how to react to this. She was very reluctant and wanted to run but the men took steps closer to her. She was trapped.

They ripped her clothes, bra and her panties. Cynthia was injected with something. Within seconds she felt hot on the inside. Her breasts started to swell and she could have sworn they got bigger and her vagina was getting wetter by the seconds. Her head started getting dizzy and all she could think of was sex. Eventually she did it with all 40 men.

At that point of time she blacked out. Next thing she wakes up was in her room. She remembers what happened yesterday. But it felt like a dream. She checked her bank account and sure enough, the sum of money that was promised was inside.

Cynthia managed to overcome her company financial crisis. Her close friend asked her how she did it and she told her what happened on that night. Cynthia went home wanting to tell her family of the good news but was surprised that nobody was in.

She suddenly remembered what was said over the speaker. She dialed her sisters and moms mobile but to no avail. There on the table was a mail in black. Inside was a cd and a paper that states, 'play the cd'. Cynthia did what was instructed. Cynthis stood there infront of the television lost for words. Fear, panic and guilt overwhelmed her.

There on the the screen was her mom and her both her siblings. Getting raped violently. The speaker voiced out their screams and said, "You did not adhere to our condition. This is your own wrong doing. Don't worry you can see them in the afterlife. After we're done with them they wouldn't want to live anymore. Now goodbye."

The television went blank. Cynthia frantically ran out to her car and sped off to the building. While she was getting there. She felt something burning her stomach. The pain grew sharper. It went down to her groin. Cynthia crashed into a tree. She was dead. It wasn't the tree that killed her. Rather the burning sensation. It was some form of liquid that had melted her groin away along with her intestines.

Her family died shortly after Cynthia did. None survived and their bodies were never discovered.

Saturday, 5 December 2015

The Room

Shane laid there cold and motionless. His past flashes through like some old film. The pool of blood gets bigger. He took one last breath and that was it. He died.

Shane, at the mere mention of his name everybody would know who he is. The CEO of one of the biggest company. The company was making money, his wife just got pregnant recently and he just opened another branch. Things was going good until he receives an invitation from anonymous to increase his companys' profit.

Being a businessman, Shane pretty much loved the idea but he had no idea who it was that send it to him. All it states in the letter was to come to the building 3 blocks behind the market. It piqued his curiousity and Shane decided to give it a go as the location was stated in a fairly crowded area.

He brought along some company just to be safe and went ahead with the meeting. However on that day, the place had little to no crowd. As he was waiting, a lady in a red dress came to greet him. After explaning the pupose of visit Shane and his company followed to where she was taking them.

It seemed fishy but Shane had nothing to lose. There in the room, were 3 doors. On each of the doors, was a sign. 'Past', 'Present' and 'Future'. Shane suggested that the people who were with him went first just to be safe because they each had guns with them.

They went in and came back either happy or sad. They explained what they saw. Shane didn't believe it and went to each one of the doors. There he saw his past, how he had to endure the hardships before he became successful. He saw his present and what he did few days back. The last is future where he saw everything came crumbling down.

Shane rushed out of the door and left the building. He didn't liked one bit of what he saw. It seemed planned. He took extra precaution from that day on. Everything went good till he started to lose a deal. Followed by another and another and another. Shane was losing money faster than how much he could profit.

Eventually Shane went bankrupt. He had to sell his company off and went into a life of poverty. It wasn't long since his wife gave birth. The doctor called him and said that his son was stricken with a very dangerous virus and there wasn't a thing they could do.

Days later his son died. His wife couldn't cope with the loss and commited suicide. Shane was thrown into depression. He didn't know if he should believe what he saw in that room with the sign 'Future'. It was coming true. What he saw after his wife was, he running out of his house and was hit by a car.

Shane did not want the last revealation to be true. So he stayed inside his house. Days later, a wire trip and it caused a fire. It was late night. Shane dashed out of his house to seek help and did not notice the incoming car. The driver was drunk and couldn't hit the brakes on time.

Within a blink of an eye, there he was, on the ground. Laying in his pool of blood and taking his last breath Shane died.

Saturday, 7 November 2015


Caesar was the king of a noble kingdom. His kingdom has strive for long. He has a son, whose future seems promising and would soon takd over the kingdom. A daughter whom is still learning the ropes and a queen whose loyalty is like an iron wall, unbreakable.

One day his son told Caesar that he fell in love with one of the village woman. Caesar didn't intervine in it whatsoever as he understands that his son has made the right decision. So one day he invites his soon to be daughter in law over to the castle. His son was delighted at the news. At night things started to get hot and heavy.

Who would have thought that the woman the son is sleeping with is an assassin. She killed him while they were having sex. Day break comes and Caesar was told of the unfortunate news. Something snapped inside of him. He ordered for the assassin to be captured in 3 days time.

A huge reward awaits whoever finds the assassin. Those whose greed knows no bound sold their daughter or wife for money. But it was all in shame. 3 days later, Caesar execute his plan, "Genesis" in which all the village woman are rounded up and their husband or father shall witness their death.

They were raped, torture or killed instantly. Some impaled, some were made to suffer the brazen bull in which they were made to sit inside an iron statue of a bull while fire burns. Some were hammered on their genitals with balls of spike. Many sat on a giant blade while the end of the blade were woman tied whose made to stand atop of a floor of burning charcoal.

After 2 days and 2 nights all the woman in the village was wiped out. Operation Genesis was a success and the only 2 female left were Caesars' daughter and wife. He had them executed in public by pouring honey into every hole known and let them sink in a pit full of ants.

After which, Caesar took his own life by hanging himself infront of the castle.