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Friday, 8 July 2016


Scott, 32, has absolutely nothing to his name. He has no job, no house, no dreams, no family. Nothing. One rainy evening, he met with a car accident while he was crossing the road. He was rushed to the hospital.

When Scott woke up, he felt very groggy. Beside him stood a small girl. She was smiling when Scott woke up. She started screaming but not those of fear nor terror. More of a delighted kind. In came a woman from the door.

She went over to scott, sat by his bed and gave him a kiss. The woman asked him to dress up as he does not want to make Becky wait any longer. She also reminded him that he would bring Becky to the theme park as he has some days off from work.

She went out and had Becky prepare for the trip. Scott stood up and looked around. He looked at the photos which were hung on the wall. Apparently, that beautiful woman, which kissed him was his wife and Becky was her daughter.

Somehow it felt somewhat unnatural but Scott was unsure why or what is the cause of it. Scott went down and waited by the car. Everybody got in and Scott just drove to the theme park. The day went well and it ended with fireworks.

They headed back home with everybody feeling satisfied. The next day, Scotts wife woke him up for work. Scott got ready in minutes and went to work. When he got home, he sat by the bed. His wife came up and started massaging him from the back. They ended up having sex, wash up and went to sleep.

Time flew by and before he knows it, Becky was already in college. Scott has already retired and living off from his savings that he managed to save up. One day, Scott met with a car accident. He was rushed to the hospital. The doctor tried all they could to save his life but it was very critical and he only had at most a day to live. His wife and kids came down to grief.

As Scott laid on his deathbed, his vision blurred and he can't hear anything. He saw his wife speaking to him but he can't hear it. As soon as Scott closed his eyes, he woke up. Beside him was a nurse and a doctor. The doctor explained how Scott was in a coma for a week.

The nurse attending to Scott was very patient. Day by day Scott got better and finally, he could walk again. The nurse and Scott just have that chemistry and eventually they got married. Scott didn't had a job, so he started working part time while studying to find a better job. His wife gave birth to a daughter just after Scott found a job with some good prospects.

Years later the wife quit as a nurse and looked after their daughter. Scott now owns a car, a house and a family of his own. His daughter grew up to be a fine lady whose in college. As Scott was crossing the road in the city, he met with a car accident. He was rushed to the hospital.

The doctor did all they could but to no luck. Scotts time was coming. As he laid on his deathbed waiting for his wife and daughter to come, Scott was struck with memories of the exact thing happening while he was in a coma. His wife came just hours before he passed on.

Scotts vision became blurred but he could somewhat see his wife mouthing something. This time round he could hear her clearly. His eyes widened in terror and he died as he heard her say, "Surprised? I know, I was there."

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