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Monday, 1 May 2017


Rick was your average old man. He got fired after being wrongly accused for trying to steal the formula that hastens the growth of plants in the company he worked for. After being retrenched he lived in a hut some distance away from the city with his son, Joshua.

Winter came and Joshua fell severely sick. Rick didn't have the money to buy any medicines at that point of time. During Christmas, Joshua died as a result. Steven buried Joshua at the back of his house serving it as a memory. 

Few months after Joshua died, Rick realized that a tree has grown over the grave. Rick didn't cut the tree down but instead nurtured it. Another few months flew by and the tree bear fruits. Rick couldn't make out what kind of fruit it was so he decided to let them fall to the ground by itself. 

It came as a shocking surprise to Rick as the fruits began to look more and more human rather. Close to Christmas the fruits fell. Rick was dumbfounded when he found out that it looked and felt like normal children. However they couldn't move nor speak but they do have a pulse rate. As Rick was carrying them into his house, he stumbled and dropped one of the fruits. The body broke into two and instantly disappears leaving only the testicles behind. 

Rick slowly began to experiment with them. Were they edible? Do they turn bad? What do they taste like? He began to eat the fruit. Different parts of it including the seeds. 

Few months after, Rick had a visit from his old company. They said that they were looking for land to expand their business and that Rick was in the way. Eventually while looking around they found out about what Rick was growing behind his yard. They came to a deal to buy what was left and forget about expansion. 

Rick explained how to grow them and the necessity. Rick only kept one or two to continue his harvest. The company which took what Rick had, monopolized the fruits and sold to people. Some disagree with the idea while others supported it as it was something new.

Christmas eve came  and Ricks friends decided to gave him a visit. They ate and drink. Soon everybody fell asleep. Christmas itself, when Rick woke up to some shuffling sound, he saw a horrid scene. His friends were eaten right infront of his eyes. One of them was munching away at a leg, stopped and stood up. They attention focused on Rick. They walked towards him and nobody heard of Rick ever since.

A year into the fruit project and it was successful. Some supported the project while others look at it in disdain as if it were some immoral act to be eating a fruit that looked like children. Nevertheless many still buy it.

Shuffling sounds could be heard. Soon, all hell break loose. Cars crashed, shots fired, screams broke the night and crying and prayers could be heard. The fruits came to live and they ate anybody in the vicinity. The fruits can't be killed nor eaten as it was lethal to the human body.

The feast continued throughout the night. In the shadows, a man could be seen carrying a jar of seeds. Unharmed, as if he has some immunity against the man eating fruits. Infront of him was his ex-boss, "You're still ali... Argh!! Alive!"

He walked through town looking at the chaos. He just smiled. "Damn kids did well. You should be proud Joshua." Rick muttered with tears in his eyes. 

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