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Friday, 1 December 2017

Gospel Of Fear

Welcome to the gospel of fear. Before you overcome your fears, you have to know what fear is. You have to embrace it even if it means that the fear will swallow you whole. So first thing first, what is fear? Fear is but a figment of your imagination that defies your own logic. It is an emotion, a thought that is either planted in you or created by your mind when you experience something you don't wish to.

Here we 3 candidates that wishes to overcome their current fears. First we have exhibit A. He fears the dark. In order to overcome the dark, one must be accustomed to it. So here he is sitting beside me all tied up. Question! How do you overcome that? You take away his sight. I shall now proceed to gorge his eyes out. And there you have it. He will forever be in darkness.

Exhibit B. She fears height is what we're told. But are you really afraid of being held up 80 floors high or are you just afraid of falling? So how do we tackle this problem? That's easy. Here we have her blindfolded and being lead outside of the building. Mind you we're at the 60th floor and the highest floor this building has to offer is the 100th. So here's a drone to show what's happening outside. As you can see she is made to hold on to a railing that is fixed to the building. She is standing atop a trapdoor that will only open once the blindfold is free from her. In 3,2,1! Pull her blindfold!

There you have it folks she is screaming and holding on to her dear life. It has been made near impossible to lift yourself up from that position. So now we ask again, do people just fear the height or falling from that height. She is probably gonna let go and come to terms that she won't make it out alive so let's move on to the third candidate.

Exhibit C have a fear of holes. Now i'm not sure how common that is and I personally will feel afraid if there's a gaping hole in my body. But that's not my issue. Here we have exhibit c pinned to the wall. Now we're going to put holes in his body with a nail gun, pry it out and pour this acid that eats away the tissue surrounding it so it will never recover. But before that let's numb his entire body. Standby! That's the 7th hole so far. Now let's get a doctor to see his condition. The doctor says his good to go for a few more rounds. Let's continue. 20th hole and looks like his coming to. Oh just look at how his screaming. Unsure if it's from the pain or from the holes in his body. We shall keep him detained for feedbacks.

Now before we end this session, how do you overcome your so called fear? By getting used to it that's how. So tune in next time for gospel of fear and the results of exhibit c.

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