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Friday, 19 February 2016

Timeless but soon gone

What if you could see the future and prevent a death only to lose a year worth of memory? For some it'll be worth it. But here's another catch, half an hour after saving that person he/she will still die. Here are the laws of a time samaritan:

1) It is mandatory to "save" the one you see in your vision be it friend or foe. 
2) After saving that person he or she has only 30 minutes to live before dying. 
3) You will lose a year worth of memory for every deed you do.
4) The number of years you lose your memories must never exceed your age or you will cease to exist. 
5) Ignoring a vision will result in losing 2 years worth of memory

It was February 14. It was Stans' 16th birthday. That's when things started to happen. Stan was looking into blank space when suddenly he saw the bbq pit exploded due to a gas leak. He turned to his dad which was at the pit. He was about to stand when it happened.

The pit exploded. His dad died in the process. That was the time Stan came into a conclusion that he can see the future. True enough he could. Whenever Stan see a vision of somebody dying he will immediately do his best to prevent it from happening. What he didn't know is that 30 minutes from the time he saved a certain person, that person will still die. 

Years passed and slowly Stan couldn't recall things from the past. Like what happend when he was 16. Anything above that he could recall. Stan was 19 by then. He can't remember how his dad died and will constantly ask his mom about his dad. His mom out of anger scolded him for being so ignorant and disrespectful to the dead. 

Stan couldn't take it and argued with his mom. What he saw next made him cower into fear and anguish. He saw a vision of his mom getting hit by a truck which was speeding across the road. Stan was in rage but quickly sought to find his mom to prevent it from happening. However he was too late. 

His mom has already left home and was about to drive off to town. He tried calling her upteen of times and finally she picked up. Seconds later, he heard his mom scream and a loud collision over the phone. The line went dead. He rushed out of the house and true enough. His vision came true. 

He quickly dialled 911. They came but it was too late. His little sister upon hearing this news went into depression and confined herself in her room. She refused to come out or eat. Days passed by and the door opened. Stan was glad and was about to coax his little sister. Only to find her dead. She hanged herself. 

Stan was losing his sanity. He started to rely on sleeping pills. He just can't handle it and would rather sleep off everything. As he went to the clinic he saw another vision. An old man was about to die from a construction nearby. Stan decided to ignore the vision. The old man died without Stan interfering.

Minutes after that incident Stan saw another vision. This time round it was him. He was about to die. However it just showed him, in a dark void. Nothing else. Stan was very reluctant and rushed home. He closed all the windows and the door shut tight. He sat on the sofa and soon drifted into a deep slumber. He was waiting for his food to boil. Apparently it boiled and cut the flames leaving only the gas.

It filled the entire house. Stan woke up in a fit and accidentally trip over a plug in which he caused some sparks. Within seconds the whole house was ablazed. The firefighters came but could not find anything. Only a pile of ashes. 

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