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Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Black Mail, Black Mailed

Cynthia was a successful entrepreneur. She pursued her masters and managed to set up her own business afterwards. Cynthia was the second eldest. Her mom raised Cynthia and her sisters single handedly. Due to some unforeseen circumstances Cynthias' parents divorced. The eldest daughter was married and the youngest was still in middle school.

All was good till one day Cynthias business took a turn for the worst. Months passed and her company was losing money more than it was earning. She sold her car, her private properties and was on the verge of declaring bankrupt. As she was walking home from work, a man clad in black bumped her by the shoulder and she got knocked down

He apologized, however Cynthia didn't even flinch at that but instead she started weeping. The man clad in black consoled her and told her that her money problems could be solved within a week. Cynthia stopped whatever she was doing and pulled him by the collar.

He introduced himself as Mr. X and told Cynthia to wait for a black mail. He stood up and walked off. Cynthia gave chase but Mr. X was nowhere to be seen. Sure enough, a few days later a mail came for Cynthia. It was black in color too. On the letter it wrote that she was to come at evening at a certain building and bring this letter as proof that she met Mr. X.

Cynthia didn't thought of it much. Desperate time calls for desperate measures. So she went to where the letter indicated. It was an office building. Cynthia went up and entered the office. She showed the guy who was sitting behind the desk the letter. He went through with Cynthia about her personal details and the reason why she was in need of money.

Next she was to give details of her family. She without any sign of hesitance gave their particulars. Soon after the guy behind the desk took out a calculator and said to a mic located on his table. 40. That's all Cynthia know. She was escorted to another room. The lights were switched off and suddenly a voice spoke over the speakers.

It said, "Now you have a choice. If your answer is no you leave the building. If you say yes that means you agree to the sum assured afterwards and you must never speak of this or there will be dire consequences." Cynthia was dumbfounded and asked other questions but there were no answers. Again the voice spoke, "So is your answer a yes or no?"

Cynthia, letting her curiousity get the best of her said yes. The lights were switched on. There she was in the middle, surrounded by men of different ages and races. Some were older than her mom and some were as young as her sibling. The weirdest thing is that, they're all naked and their penis were rock hard.

The voice spoked, "In this room they're 40 men. For each men you satisfy you get a small sum of money. Satisfy all 40 and you get the amount you need to tide over your company." Cynthia just stood there motionless, not knowing how to react to this. She was very reluctant and wanted to run but the men took steps closer to her. She was trapped.

They ripped her clothes, bra and her panties. Cynthia was injected with something. Within seconds she felt hot on the inside. Her breasts started to swell and she could have sworn they got bigger and her vagina was getting wetter by the seconds. Her head started getting dizzy and all she could think of was sex. Eventually she did it with all 40 men.

At that point of time she blacked out. Next thing she wakes up was in her room. She remembers what happened yesterday. But it felt like a dream. She checked her bank account and sure enough, the sum of money that was promised was inside.

Cynthia managed to overcome her company financial crisis. Her close friend asked her how she did it and she told her what happened on that night. Cynthia went home wanting to tell her family of the good news but was surprised that nobody was in.

She suddenly remembered what was said over the speaker. She dialed her sisters and moms mobile but to no avail. There on the table was a mail in black. Inside was a cd and a paper that states, 'play the cd'. Cynthia did what was instructed. Cynthis stood there infront of the television lost for words. Fear, panic and guilt overwhelmed her.

There on the the screen was her mom and her both her siblings. Getting raped violently. The speaker voiced out their screams and said, "You did not adhere to our condition. This is your own wrong doing. Don't worry you can see them in the afterlife. After we're done with them they wouldn't want to live anymore. Now goodbye."

The television went blank. Cynthia frantically ran out to her car and sped off to the building. While she was getting there. She felt something burning her stomach. The pain grew sharper. It went down to her groin. Cynthia crashed into a tree. She was dead. It wasn't the tree that killed her. Rather the burning sensation. It was some form of liquid that had melted her groin away along with her intestines.

Her family died shortly after Cynthia did. None survived and their bodies were never discovered.

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