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Saturday, 5 December 2015

The Room

Shane laid there cold and motionless. His past flashes through like some old film. The pool of blood gets bigger. He took one last breath and that was it. He died.

Shane, at the mere mention of his name everybody would know who he is. The CEO of one of the biggest company. The company was making money, his wife just got pregnant recently and he just opened another branch. Things was going good until he receives an invitation from anonymous to increase his companys' profit.

Being a businessman, Shane pretty much loved the idea but he had no idea who it was that send it to him. All it states in the letter was to come to the building 3 blocks behind the market. It piqued his curiousity and Shane decided to give it a go as the location was stated in a fairly crowded area.

He brought along some company just to be safe and went ahead with the meeting. However on that day, the place had little to no crowd. As he was waiting, a lady in a red dress came to greet him. After explaning the pupose of visit Shane and his company followed to where she was taking them.

It seemed fishy but Shane had nothing to lose. There in the room, were 3 doors. On each of the doors, was a sign. 'Past', 'Present' and 'Future'. Shane suggested that the people who were with him went first just to be safe because they each had guns with them.

They went in and came back either happy or sad. They explained what they saw. Shane didn't believe it and went to each one of the doors. There he saw his past, how he had to endure the hardships before he became successful. He saw his present and what he did few days back. The last is future where he saw everything came crumbling down.

Shane rushed out of the door and left the building. He didn't liked one bit of what he saw. It seemed planned. He took extra precaution from that day on. Everything went good till he started to lose a deal. Followed by another and another and another. Shane was losing money faster than how much he could profit.

Eventually Shane went bankrupt. He had to sell his company off and went into a life of poverty. It wasn't long since his wife gave birth. The doctor called him and said that his son was stricken with a very dangerous virus and there wasn't a thing they could do.

Days later his son died. His wife couldn't cope with the loss and commited suicide. Shane was thrown into depression. He didn't know if he should believe what he saw in that room with the sign 'Future'. It was coming true. What he saw after his wife was, he running out of his house and was hit by a car.

Shane did not want the last revealation to be true. So he stayed inside his house. Days later, a wire trip and it caused a fire. It was late night. Shane dashed out of his house to seek help and did not notice the incoming car. The driver was drunk and couldn't hit the brakes on time.

Within a blink of an eye, there he was, on the ground. Laying in his pool of blood and taking his last breath Shane died.

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