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Saturday, 7 November 2015


Caesar was the king of a noble kingdom. His kingdom has strive for long. He has a son, whose future seems promising and would soon takd over the kingdom. A daughter whom is still learning the ropes and a queen whose loyalty is like an iron wall, unbreakable.

One day his son told Caesar that he fell in love with one of the village woman. Caesar didn't intervine in it whatsoever as he understands that his son has made the right decision. So one day he invites his soon to be daughter in law over to the castle. His son was delighted at the news. At night things started to get hot and heavy.

Who would have thought that the woman the son is sleeping with is an assassin. She killed him while they were having sex. Day break comes and Caesar was told of the unfortunate news. Something snapped inside of him. He ordered for the assassin to be captured in 3 days time.

A huge reward awaits whoever finds the assassin. Those whose greed knows no bound sold their daughter or wife for money. But it was all in shame. 3 days later, Caesar execute his plan, "Genesis" in which all the village woman are rounded up and their husband or father shall witness their death.

They were raped, torture or killed instantly. Some impaled, some were made to suffer the brazen bull in which they were made to sit inside an iron statue of a bull while fire burns. Some were hammered on their genitals with balls of spike. Many sat on a giant blade while the end of the blade were woman tied whose made to stand atop of a floor of burning charcoal.

After 2 days and 2 nights all the woman in the village was wiped out. Operation Genesis was a success and the only 2 female left were Caesars' daughter and wife. He had them executed in public by pouring honey into every hole known and let them sink in a pit full of ants.

After which, Caesar took his own life by hanging himself infront of the castle.

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