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Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Shelter 13

It was Friday the 13th. Some believe it to be a day of bad luck while others deem it as superstition to believe that a single day would bring them such luck.

May was an office clerk. Her day started out with her being late for work, got caught up in heavy traffic, left her mobile at home, spilled coffee on her new white dress, got yelled at by her boss, the dateline of her project was pushed forward and because of that she had to stay in the office for some overtime.

May didn't realize how eerie the office so she hurried her way out of the office. While walking along the pathway beside the new building, a window pane dropped right beside her. She was thinking how lucky she was that it didn't fall on her causing fatal injuries or possibly, death.

May taking extra precautions walked into the shelter nearby. As May was walking, she heard the sound of nails clacking against the shelter. It was in sync with her footsteps. May decided to stop in her tracks and turned to look behind. There was nobody or anything.

May brushed that thought and simply mumbled that those must be birds. She continued walking. The clacking sound stopped. What took place was footsteps. It was heavy and it was also in sync with her footsteps.

May decided to take a peek on top of the shelter. Nothing. Fear slowly swallowed her. She hasten her pace. The foot steps followed not missing a tempo. May stumbled while she was rushing. As she picked her up she saw blood dripping infront of her. However, there was nobody. She looked up slowly and there, hanging upside down was a figure with blood shot eyes and rotting flesh.

It ran its hand onto Mays face. The next day, police barrier was seen near the new building. There in the middle was a woman hanging upside down. Her insides was forcefully ripped out from her genitals and tied to both her legs and onto a latch. Her chest was clawed open with all her ribcages broken. Two can be seen piercing her wrists. While the rest was punctured through her skull.

Nobody knows how or why it happened. But it did and it happend at shelter 13.

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