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Thursday, 1 October 2015

Denounced, Defiled.

Jack, a tall blonde man, with emerald eyes that sparkles like jems on a stone when shone upon. He looks like every girls dream guy. Jack is also known as very polite, respected by his peers and very well off. However, nobody knows that his actually 665 years old. The only reason he looks like a 20 year old guy is because Jack is a practitioner of black magic. He feeds on the heart of virgin women as it is considered pure.

Jack goes to a college. In this modern day and time it's hard to find somebody whose not dying to offer her body to Jack. Being a practitioner of black magic he casts a spell that allows him to differentiate between a virgin and a non virgin. Those he seek are usually coped up at a corner of the library or the classroom alone after hours.

 It's a repetitive process whereby Jack goes up to the girl and try to "persuade" her on being friends. The girl will never say no because Jack usually casts a spell to ensure that she will say yes. In no time the girl will follow Jack back to his house. In a state of trance, the girl willingly does whatever Jack commands. In the basement, infront of the figure of a Baphomet, lies a pentagram.

Stripped naked in the center of the pentagram, Jack commence the ritual of sacrificial. He offers the girl soul to the devil, while he forcefully yanks her heart out while its still beating and feeds on it. 66 days away from the eclipse. That too signifies the number of days left he has. Jack does his research on the book of Lucifer. After 30 days, he found the solution to it.

On the second last day before the eclipse, Jack has to do some preparation. He has to enslave 6 virgin women as an offering and the 6th woman shall bore his child. He does what was written in the book and on the night of the eclipse he made the 6th woman bear his child. Just as he shoots his seed into her, he collapsed and turned to dust. It was the start of the eclipse. During the eclipse, the woman stomach bloated up as if she was due to give birth.

The eclipse passed and the baby clawed his way through her stomach letting out a piercing scream. The baby fed on the corpse of the woman and her heart. Hours passed and the baby grew. He started feeding on the 5 other virgin women hearts that were chained to the wall. All in a state of trance. As the baby look in the mirror, he had a revelation. Jack was the baby. Now his grown into the man he was once were.

Jack was reborn anew and he walks among the earth for another 666 years.

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