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Sunday, 17 May 2015


It was the weekends, finally. Sarah and her group of friends was  dying to check out this newly opened shop called 'Escape'. The game was design in a way that you have to solve puzzles and find clues in order to escape from the room in the designated time given. Tho it's new, many have visited and gave a high rating because it was fun to do it as a group.

Sarah and her group of 3 other friends, Wei Shen Ryuto and Cynthia arrived at the shop at noon. It was fairly crowded but the waiting time was long. Finally it was their turn but the only theme that was available was the torture chamber. Not wanting it to be a dissapointment, they went ahead with the decision.

They entered the room. It was dimly lighted and you can hear chains being dragged on the floor and screams of people being tortured. It's a given that nobody chose that theme because it was so eerie. Sarah and her friends walked aimlessly till they came into an intersection. 2 doors was ahead of them. They decided to split up.

At that moment, they made the worst decision ever. 30 minutes after they split up, they heard screams of help coming from the other room. At first Sarah and Ryuto thought it was just the others tryna goof off but it went on for minutes and suddenly, total silence.

Sarah and Ryuto looked at each other and knew something was wrong. So they ran back and entered the other room. Few steps into the room and they saw a figure hanging from a chain. With the lights flickering it was hard to make out if that was just a decoration. Sarah switched on her mobile light and screamed at the sight.

It was Wei Shen. His face was skinned and his hand was holding it. Blood was still dripping from his toes. Sarah and Ryuto at that point rushed for the entrance but it was locked from outside. They can only go forward. They rushed to find Cynthia not knowing what was her demise.

Not long after they saw Wei Shen, Ryuto discovered Cynthia. She was inside an iron maiden. By then she was already dead with holes everywhere in her body. Sarah broke down and cry. She couldn't take it anymore. Sarah ran ahead leaving Ryuto. Ryuto gave chase but was pulled back.

Sarah searched frantically for clues to get out. Then she remembered that if they ever ran into a problem, a phone was given so that they could contact the staff managing the place to get them out. However, it was with Ryuto. So she ran back to the place before

What she saw was a headless body. The head was nowhere to be seen. Sarah was going insane. She couldn't handle it anymore. She just went to a corner to hide. She can only wait for the time to end in hopes of anybody to find her.

Soon after somebody did entered the room. She ran up thinking that it was one of the staff. She was wrong. What she saw was  man, holding on to Ryutos' head. Before Sarah could even let out a scream, a knife slashed her throat. She was eventually chopped to pieces and was scattered around the whole room.

One of the staff entered the room. He traced the signal of the phone given to the group but was wondering where they could have been. He thought that they might have dropped it. Soon as he turn around he saw the dead bodies. He ran out and told the rest of the staff.

That whole place was on locked down soon after. Nobody knows who the killer was or where he is.

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