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Sunday, 10 May 2015


Sid, also known as, Ghost. He is a mercenary earning money by being a neutral faction. As the saying goes "Money makes the world go round". Sid believes that the money he earns is to buy his rounds for his babies.

His babies are non living objects that will fatally wound or the best for his case, kill. Sid is no amateur. He has been doing this for years. It's kill or be killed.

Now Sid is on another mission for country X. They are to infiltrate the "enemy" camp, steal the base hq coordinates and destroy their equipments. Those that are present, supposedly are the "Prisoners Of War" (POW).

They are to follow strictly to the Geneva Convention and there shall be no casualties. Sid being a mercenary, is doing it for the money. One way or another bloodlust has over taken him after so many years and his thirst to kill rise instantly.

He took the POW back to their city and did public execution by shooting them all in the head. Afterwards he left leaving no trace behind. Country X found out about it and was enraged. He not only disrupt the element of surprise, he also executed them.

He was banished from the mission. Word spread like wildfire and soon he couldn't even get a mission. Nobody would hire him. Sid just couldn't resist his thirst and soon he began to hunt.

Elderly was impaled from their asses and left to burn over a fire like roasted meat. Women had their breasts cut off and grenades were stuffed into their vaginas and left to explode. Men was hanged from their dicks and they had their necks sliced opened and left to bleed dry upside down.

Not even children was spared. They had the worst of it. Sid would first shoot their kneecaps preventing them from moving. He would then cut them open from their back, starting from their heads to the tail bone very carefully. His idea was to showcase their skull and spine, still intact together, along with their skin as a trophy. He would then hang it over the city.

He continues his rampage from town to town. The worst part is, nobody can find any traces of him. No fingerprints, no traces of blood, nothing. Just like his call sign. However, he got bored of playing the hunter, so he purposely became the hunted. He was hanged for all his killings but he never regretted what his done.

For he found joy in the sounds of war. He can finally go in peace.

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