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Sunday, 3 May 2015

Demon In Human Skin

Alex was well known as a doctor. He is admired by junior doctors, liked by nurses and mostly grateful by many patients. He does his job exceptionally well. He does simple consultations to complicated surgery.

The rate of his operations are usually high. Even with those who needs a miracle, Alex pulls through and perform one. With surgery being his specialty, its no wonder everybody looked up to him.

But for every patient that Alex did surgery on, his patient dies within a week. It is no mere accident or supernatural cause, it is to be expected. Because the one who caused it is no other, Alex.

You see, Alex is a doctor by day and a serial killer by night. It's no wonder his surgery skills are top notch. The patient usually dies with their innards laid out nicely beside their bed. With the amount of experience Alex has had, it was like baby steps to him.

Adults to elderly and kids are no exception. He does it for the thrill. He does it because its fun. But the thing he loves to see is, their faces when he slice them up open while they are half asleep or just reading a book.

Everybody suspected Alex, but they had no evidence against him. He is like a shadow in the dark. You can't see it but its there and you know it. Now one day, he had to operate on his wife and his son due to a fatal accident. That was where he had to make a choice to do the same thing as he always did or to by pass this and let it slip.

No matter how much of a psycho he can be, he still had feelings and he love his family dearly. As he sat there watching his wife sleeping, he stood up and brought his son to sleep together in the same room.

Midnight past, the hospital was quiet. The only sound that can be heard was if you were in the same room as Alex. It was the sound of a woman screaming in pain and a child crying for help. But nobody could hear it because Alex taped both their mouth shut and cable tied their hands and legs.

He figured if he was about to murder his family, he might as well take his life along. So he sliced his wife stomach, took out her intestine and left her to bleed to death. While he took the intestine and coil it around his son and hang him.

Before he take his own life, Alex smeared the walls with his wife blood. He stabbed a scalpel through his throat and pull it to the left, cutting the jugular vein in process. He died a painful death but as he was waiting for his time he smiled.

The next morning, the nurses screamed in sheer terror as he saw what happened in the room. They contacted the police but what can they do when the culprit was in the same room but has taken his own life? As they carried the body, one of them read the walls that was smeared with blood.


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