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Friday, 3 April 2015

Seen it all before

Imagine getting lost while you're walking, day dreaming about what to do or what not. You find yourself in the middle of some forest and infront of you is a well. You out of curiousity go closer. Not expecting anything you walked away but before you do a voice spoke.

It tells you your name,details of your family and all the problems you're currently encountering. The voice speaks of the outcome of it. It mentions only the good that will happen. In exchange he wants something of equal value.

You, in the first place, will definitely not believe but he makes a prediction, say about the outcome of your test and what good things will happen the next day. In exchange, you have to return back to where you find the well and sacrifice something of equal value. As a trial the voice requested for a live animal as sacrifice.

Everything that the voice said came true. You must be thinking its pure coincidence but still something pulls you to the well. One way or another you know how to go without getting lost. You even brought a live chicken to sacrifice.

When you reach there, the voice says he has been expecting you. He tells you to drop the chicken into the well. Next he mentions about your problems you're encountering. But in exchange he wants something from your own body. He requested a finger. As crazy as it sounds, you do believe in that voice.

So you chopped your finger off. Sure enough whatever he said that will happen, happened. Everytime you have a problem, you'll confide in the well. Your problem gets harder and harder to deal with. His requests gets bigger and more harder to comply with. He asked for an arm this time round.

Eventually you give it to him. A problem that arise this time round is related to life and death. It concerns of your loved one. You pretty much would do anything to see them live now wouldn't you? The voice in the well requested your life. One for one exchange.

You try to offer something else but all others are denied. He wants your life. Will you do it? Eventually you jumped into the well and you hear the voice whispering to your ear this time round. He said, it was a lie. Your loved one will still perish and you will join alongside. Dwelling in the well is a void of nothingness.

Your soul forever trapped in the well. Going neither to hell nor heaven. Just floating there aimlessly for rest of eternity.

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